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Ingénieur de Recherche INRA, HDR

Sorbonne Université,
4 Place Jussieu, 75252 Paris cedex 5

Couloir 42-43 4ème étage

Tel:33(0)1 44 27 32 64


Research interests:

  • Metabolomics

Current research:

  • Development of analytical methodologies based on FT‐MS instruments for metabolomics studies.

Recent results:

  • Characterization of exposure states by FT-MS

Multivariate statistical analyses of LC /MS data from farmers before and after one day exposure: evidence of professional exposure to some pesticides with isoproturon >> captane > cyprodinyl > epoxiconazol

Scientific career

  • Since 2017: INRA research engineer, CSOB (75 % time) and Analytical Chemistry lab, AgroParisTech, Paris (25 % time).
  • Since 2006: INRA research engineer, Analytical Chemistry lab, AgroParisTech, Paris.
  • 1998-2006: INRA research engineer, Xénobiotiques laboratory, Toulouse.
  • 1997-1998: Post-doctoral studies under the supervision of Mme Isabelle Daoust-Maleval.
  • 1994 -1997: Ph. D. thesis under the supervision of Pr. Jean-Claude Tabet.
  • 1991-1993: Chemistry studies at University Pierre et Marie-Curie.

Selected publications:

  1. Metabolic bioactivation of estradiol-17β (E2β) in mouse colon epithelial cells bearing ApcMin mutation, D. Bellocq, J. Molina, E. Rathahao-Paris, S. Taché, F. Pierre, A. Paris, Steroids, 75 (2010) 665.
  2. Loss of hepatocyte nuclear factor 1alpha function in human hepatocellular adenomas leads to aberrant activation of signaling pathways involved in tumorigenesis, L. Pelletier, S. Rebouissou, A. Paris, E. Rathahao-Paris, E. Perdu, P. Bioulac-Sage, S. Imbeaud, J. Zucman-Rossi, Hepatology, 51 (2010) 557.
  3. Biotransformation of bisphenol F by human and rat liver subcellular fractions, N. Cabaton, D. Zalko, E. Rathahao, C. Canlet, G. Delous, M. C. Chagnon, J.-P. Cravedi, E. Perdu, Toxicology in Vitro, 22 (2008) 1697.