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Stages M2 Polymères

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Sujet Encadrants Document
Stereodivergent catalysis with chirally-amplified supramolecular polymers M. Raynal

Asymmetric catalysis with minute amount of chiral species M. Raynal

Self-assembled Janus nanorods for the stabilization of emulsions L. Bouteiller sujet attribué
Synthesis and characterizations of high-performance emitting materials for solid-state organic lasers D. Kreher sujet attribué
A Radical Approach to new Organic Light-Harvesting Materials D. Kreher

Synthesis of organic materials for surface nano-structuring L. Sosa Vargas

Novel light-emitting polymers based on thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) F. Mathevet

Nanofiber-Materials through “Polymerization Induced Self-Assembly” J. Rieger

Synthesis of polymeric materials by Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly in water J. Rieger

Synthèse d’auto-assemblages red-ox commutables N. Illy
P. Guegan

Formulation et caractérisations d’une nouvelle génération de nanoparticules non-sphériques constituées de polymères P. Guegan sujet attribué
Valorisation de la lignine dans les matériaux : Synthèse de réseaux lignine-polyester thermoréversibles B. Rousseau