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  • A chemical model of intermediate states implied in the switching properties of CoFe Prussian blue analogues: how a cell parameter lengthening can cause a crystal field parameter increase.
    Cafun, J.-D.; Cartier dit Moulin, C.; Fornasieri, G.; Arrio, M.-A.; Briois, V.; Bleuzen, A.;
    New J Chem. 2011, 35, 2074-2080.
  • Spin Control in Oxamato-Based Manganese(II) Copper(II) Coordination Polymers with Brick-Wall Layer Architectures.
    Ferrando-Soria, J.; Pasan, J.; Ruiz-Perez, C.; Journaux, Y.; Julve, M.; Lloret, F.; Cano, J.; Pardo. E.;
    Inorg Chem. 2011, 50, 8694-8696.
  • Spin Density and Local Structure in the Prussian Blue Analogues CsCd[Fe/Co(CN)(6) ]0.5H(2) O and Cd(3) [Fe/Co(CN)(6) ](2) 15H(2) O with Solid-State MAS NMR Spectroscopy.
    Flambard, A.; Kohler, F. H.; Lescouezec, R.; Revel, B.;
    Chem. Eur. J. 2011, 17, 11567-11575.
  • Design of 1D and 2D Molecule-based Magnets with the Ligand 4,5-dimethyl-1,2-phenylenebis(oxamato).
    Pereira, C. L. M.; Pedroso, E. F.; Doriguetto, A. C.; Ellena, J. A.; Boubekeur, K.; Filali, Y .; Journaux, Y.; Novak, M. A.; Stumpf, H. O.
    Dalton Trans. 2011, 40, 746-754.
  • Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of MIICuII Chains (M = Mn and Co) with Sterically Hindered Alkyl-Substituted Phenyloxamate Bridging Ligands.
    Ferrando-Soria, J.; Pardo, E.; Ruiz-Garcia, R.; Cano, J.; Lloret, F.; Julve, M.; Journaux, Y.; Pasan, J.; Ruiz-Perez, C.;
    Chem.Eur. J. ;2011, 17, 2176-2188.
  • Rational Enantioselective Design of Chiral Heterobimetallic Single-Chain Magnets: Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of Oxamato-Bridged MIICull Chains (M = Mn, Co);
    Ferrando-Soria, J.; Cangussu, D.; Eslava, M.; Journaux, Y.; Lescouezec, R.; Julve, M.; Lloret, F.; Pasan, J.; Ruiz-Perez, C.; Lhotel, E.;
    Chem.Eur. J. 2011, 17, 12482-12494.
  • Calcium Hydroxyapatites as Efficient Catalysts for the Michael C-C Bond Formation.
    Gruselle, M.; Kanger, T. Thouvenot, R.; Flambard, A.; Kriis, K.; Mikli, V.; Traksmaa, R.; Maaten, B.; Tonsuaadu, K.;
    ACS Catal. ;2011, ;1, ;1729-1733.
  • Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Magnetic Properties of a New Family of Heterometallic Cyanide-Bridged Fe(2)(III)M(2)(II) (M = Mn, Ni, and Co) Square Complexes.
    Pardo, E.; Verdaguer, M.; Herson, P.; Rousseliere, H.; Cano, J.; Julve, M.; Lloret, F.; Lescouezec, R.;
    Inorg Chem. 2011, 50, 6250-6262.