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Sorbonne Université,
4 Place Jussieu, 75252 Paris cedex 5

Couloir 32-42 5ème étage
Équipe MACO


Research interests

  • Transparent and highly refractive thiazole-containing polyamides and polyimides
  • Design and applications of heterogeneous catalysts in Organic transformations
  • Photoinduced Organic reaction on the basis of organic dyes and modified semiconductors
  • Homogenous gold catalysis.

Current research

Evaluation of a new gold complex in asymmetric catalysis

Scientific career

  • 2018 : Master de Chimie de Paris Centre, parcours Chimie
    Moléculaire niveau 2 at Sorbonne Université from 2018
  • 2015 :Ph.D. student in organic chemistry from 2015
    University : Shiraz University *, Shiraz- Iran.
    * Formerly known as ‘Pahlavi University’
  • 2013 : M.Sc. In Organic chemistry
    University : Kharazmi University*, Tehran, Iran.
    * Formerly known as ‘Tarbiat Moallem University’
  • 2011 : B.Sc. In chemistry teacher
    University : Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran

Selected publications

  1. Nitro-substituted polyamides : A new class of transparent and highly refractive materials, A. Javadi, A. Shockravi, M. Koohgard, A. Malek, F.A. Shourkaei, S. Ando, European Polymer Journal, 2015, 66, 328-341. lien
  2. Highly refractive thiazole-containing polyimides : a structural property comparison, A. Javadi, A. Shockravi, F.A. Shourkaei, M. Koohgard, A. Malek, Journal of Polymer Research, 2018, 25, 99. lien
  3. Enhancement of Suzuki–Miyaura coupling reaction by photocatalytic palladium nanoparticles anchored to TiO2 under visible light irradiation, M. Koohgard, M. Hosseini-Sarvari, Catalysis Communications, 2018, 111, 10-15. lien
  4. Alizarin red S–TiO 2-catalyzed cascade C (sp 3)–H to C (sp 2)–H bond formation/cyclization reactions toward tetrahydroquinoline derivatives under visible light irradiation, M. Hosseini-Sarvari, M. Koohgard, S. Firoozi, A. Mohajeri, H. Tavakolian, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018, 42, 6880-6888. lien
  5. Visible light thiocyanation of N-bearing aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds using Ag/TiO2 nanotube photocatalyst, New Journal of Chemistry, M. Hosseini-Sarvari, Z. Hosseinpour, M. Koohgard, 2018, 42, 19237-19244. lien
  6. Solvent-Free and Room Temperature Visible Light-Induced C-H Activation : CdS as a Highly Efficient Photo-Induced Reusable Nano-Catalyst for the C-H Functionalization Cyclization of t-Amines and C-C Double and Triple bonds, S. Firoozi, M. Hosseini-Sarvari, M. Koohgard, Green Chemistry, 2018. lien