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31 December 2014


The IPCM (Institut Parisien de Chimie Moléculaire/Parisian Institute for Molecular Chemistry) is a joint research unit between UPMC (University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 6) and CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)
Our research activities encompass the wide area of molecular chemistry and bring together both knowledge and know-how related to many complementary fields within the framework of multi-scale molecular chemistry. Among these, the variety of research areas ranges from inorganic and organic chemistry and expands to the borders with biology, material chemistry and more generally the area of molecular nanosciences and polymer sciences.
Great efforts are dedicated to the development and application of these research fields with emphasis on tackling broad societal issues and challenges associated to health, sustainability, energy and information technologies).

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21 September 2017

Fast and one-pot selectivity switch of a chiral catalyst

The first catalyst whose enantioselectivity can be switched back and forth during a reaction has been implemented in the context of copper-catalysed hydrosilylation of ketones. The dynamic (...)

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17 March 2017

A new product designed in our lab is commercialized by Total company

In collaboration with Total company, the Polymer Chemistry team has developed a bitumen product modified with supramolecular additives. This product called ALTEK ECO²B is an adhesive coating for (...)

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8 March 2016

A molecular boost

The ERMMES group in the IPCM and the Colloïdes Inorganiques group of the PHENIX lab have shown that the coordination of cobalt(II) complexes on the surface of iron oxide nanoparticles drastically (...)

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8 April 2015

Max Malacria, Grand Prix Achille Le Bel 2014 de la SCF

"Le conseil d’administration de la SCF a décerné le Prix Joseph-Achille Le Bel à Max Malacria, professeur UPMC et directeur de l’Institut de chimie des substances naturelles (ICSN, CNRS/Université (...)

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8 April 2015

Louis Fensterbank, Prix Clavel Lespieau 2014

Le 14 octobre, à l’occasion de la séance solennelle de remise des prix de l’Académie des Sciences, Louis Fensterbank s’est vu attribué le Prix Clavel Lespieau par la Section de Chimie. ll s’agit d’un (...)

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